Vampire Diaries - 3x04 Preview

6. october 2011 at 16:58 | Egranger |  Promos - Season 3

Julie Plec nám přibližuje následující epizodu 3x04 Disturbing Behavior.
Už se nemůžu dočkat pátku :-D

P.S. Kdo kromě mě je rád, že je Anna zpět? :-)

Caroline: So you like switching Salvatores, are you ?
Elena: What?
Bonnie: Caroline!
Caroline: What is the deal with you and Damon?
Julie: Now that it seems pretty clear that Stefan´s never coming back Elena´s friends´re starting to step in and say wait a second, you know what´s going on there and really start to pushed her make her confront what´s going on in that friendship.
Klaus: I needed one thing from you for my witch to find why my hybrids are dying, one thing - your neclase and you lost it.
Rebecca: I didn´t loose it, it´s just been missing for 90 years.
Julie: Stefan is hanging out with Klaus and Rebecca, who we now of course know is Klaus´s sister and one of the originals.
Rebecca: So, what do you think?
Stefan: I like it. What. I said I like it.
Rebecca: I can always tell you´re lying, Stefan.
Julie: He´s trying to figure out how he´s gonna got himself into the situation, that he´s been going getting deeper and deeper into.
Anna: Jeremy!
Jeremy: Anna!
Anna: You heard me?
Jeremy: What do you doing here?
Anna: Wait, like heard me heard me or did it someone like...
Jeremy: Where´ve you been?
Anna: I need to know you can hear me.
Jeremy: You drop in, you tell me not to trust Vicky and than you disappeared.
Anna: Jeremy! Tell me you can hear me!
Jeremy: Yeah. I can hear you. All right? What the hell?
Julie: Anna is starting to show up more and more and in this episoode finally breaks through and they get to start communicating and that happens to going side with the return in town of miss Bonnie Bennet. Who has been tripping with her father family all summer and she´s missed out all of this relationships and ghostly drama and steps back and do it right in the time when Jeremy´s really starting to question what feelings he has for this women that he loved back, you know,
before he got in relationship with Bonnie in the first place.


1 Alexia Alexia | Web | 6. october 2011 at 17:03 | React

Už len pár hodím a budeme môcť pozerať ďalši diel :-)

2 PetulQa PetulQa | Web | 6. october 2011 at 17:15 | React

[1]: jo přesně! děsně se těším!

3 PetulQa PetulQa | Web | 6. october 2011 at 17:18 | React

jo konečně se třeba vyřeší případ s duchy Annou a Vicky :)

4 Michelle Aff, které tě lovuje ♥ Michelle Aff, které tě lovuje ♥ | Web | 6. october 2011 at 20:50 | React

Super video a překlad ;-) Už se nemůžu dočkat :-)

5 Jill* Jill* | Web | 6. october 2011 at 21:14 | React

juu ja sa tak teším! :D s navratu Anni nie som nadšena ale ani mi to nevadi je to zaujimave viac ma teší navrat Vicky :-) som zvedavá ako sa to vyvynie... no hlavne ma teraz zaujima čo bude so Stefanom strašne som sa na toho chlapíka namotala :D

6 Lucy*&Nicole*(Nicole*) Lucy*&Nicole*(Nicole*) | Web | 6. october 2011 at 21:58 | React

Těším se <3:))

7 hannah-montana-twilight hannah-montana-twilight | Web | 7. october 2011 at 11:44 | React


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